Slunger Hollow Productions, based in Chillicothe, Ohio specializes in creating high quality video productions in the hunting and fishing world.

Tired of watching boring, sanitized and unrealistic hunting videos and television programming, owners Scott Newman and John Blesedell decided to create a real-world hunting video in our home state of Ohio. The rest is history.

Our video productions depict real world hunting on private and public land. Slunger Hollow Productions does not enlist the services of guides, ranches or hunting preserves. We observe, scout and hunt the wild animals featured in videos. Our hunting videos are guaranteed 100% FAIR CHASE. We capture events as they occur and share them with the viewer. We do not perform staged hunts. While watching our hunting videos, the viewer experiences the hunt as it happened. We work hard to capture the reality of the hunt regardless of the outcome.



Slunger Hollow Productions’ hunting team members come from all walks of life and experience levels. We do not pretend to be “professional hunters” or masters of our trade because in our minds, those people do not exist. We are all students in the woods, regardless of our abilities.


Our goal is to promote fair chase hunting and realism in our videos and most importantly- have fun! At Slunger Hollow, we value the size of a trophy not by inches and record books but by the challenge and experience of the hunt.

We welcome you to watch our videos. We’re sure you will like them!

Scout hard, hunt harder and remember-if it’s not fair chase, it’s not hunting... period.