Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a Slunger Hollow Hunting Team member?
SHP only accepts new members who are accomplished videographers. If you feel you can provide us with broadcast quality footage, we encourage you to submit samples of your work on VHS or DVD. Please send only RAW footage. Edited footage will not be considered. Click here (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required)* to print out a FOOTAGE REQUIREMENTS FORM, VIDEO SUBMISSION FORM and TAPE LOG. Send your footage along with a completed tape log and signed video submission form to the following address:

Slunger Hollow Productions, Inc.
2311 Rocky Rd.
Chillicothe, OH 45601

Your footage must meet all the requirements listed on the Footage Requirements Form. We strive to capture only the highest quality video footage and we will only consider footage that meets our minimum standards. If your footage is deemed acceptable, we will notify you by email or phone and negotiate a price for your footage prior to receiving your footage in the required format.
Videographers who have submitted a minimum of 5 usable hunts will be added to our hunting team roster.

* Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Why does SHP require 5 hunts prior to adding a new team member?
We make our living producing hunting videos. We need team members who are dedicated to their craft. By requiring a minimum of 5 filmed hunts, we are able to build a hunting team that will produce quality footage in a consistent manner. We are not interested in hunters only wanting to be filmed. We want good camera operators willing to make the sacrifices needed to capture quality video.

What type of video equipment does SHP use?
Cameras- Canon GL-2, Canon XL-1, Canon XL-2 (
Microphones- Canon, Sennheiser MKE-300 (
Tripods/Heads- Bogen 3130 Heads & 3205 Tripods (
Tree Mounted Camera Supports- Super Arm (
Microphone Windscreen- MikeMuff (
Rain Covers- Kata (
LANC Controller- Canon (
Wireless Microphones- Samson (

Does SHP edit our videos? What type of editing system does SHP use?
Yes. John Blesedell edits our videos. We do employ the services of VSF Productions for DVD authoring and graphics editing.
Dell computer system.
Adobe Premier editing software.
Adobe Audition sound editing software.
Matrox video capture card
Sonic Smartsound music software
Adobe Photoshop photo/graphic editing software

What type of hunting products does SHP use?
SHP only uses products in which we believe.
Bows - Athens Accomplice (
Guns- Various
Tree Stands- Millennium by Hunting Solutions (
Camo- Buckthorn Camouflage (
Bow Sights- Viper Archery Products (
Arrow Rests- Trophy Ridge (
Stabilizer- Shock Stop
Arrows- Victory Archery (
Broadheads- Grim Reaper Broadheads (
Deer Lure- Pro-Scent (
Scent Traps- Munson Made to Hunt (
Grunt Calls- Munson Made To Hunt (
Crossbows- Horton (
Arrow Quivers- TreeLimb Products (
Release Aid- Tru-Fire Releases (
Arrow Wraps- Bowman Hunter Arrow Wraps (

Does SHP use Guide Services?
No. All of the hunts featured on our videos and TV program are self-guided, fair chase hunts.

Does SHP hunt behind a fence?
NEVER! We do not consider shooting a caged animal as hunting in any way, shape or form. PERIOD! We believe in hunting game animals on their terms, not ours. We are not interested in convenience when hunting. We earn our kills.

How many days does SHP hunt in a given season?
We hunt 70-90 days per archery season in Ohio to capture the footage used in our videos. We hunt in the state with the LOWEST archery hunter success rate in the nation. We work hard for every second of footage we capture.

Does SHP provide guide services?
No. We are a production company. We do not provide guide services.

What makes SHP videos different from other hunting videos?
We feel we are different because the average hunter can relate to us. We are not hunting on managed game farms or high-dollar ranches. We hack it out just like you. We do all our own scouting, observing, stand hanging, hunting, etc. For us, hunting is a process. It is a year-round commitment. We also are not afraid to laugh at ourselves. We do not claim to be professional hunters. Do they even exist? We don’t think so. We’re just a bunch of goof-balls trying to take a nice deer every season. Most of all, we try to have FUN!

Fair Chase Whitetails 18

Fair Chase Whitetails 18

The Slunger Hollow Team has been producing Whitetail hunting DVDs for nearly two decades.

Over the years, we’ve found that it can be hard to maintain the level of commitment and dedication it takes to capture quality hunts on camera. It’s not for everyone. But the memories captured are worth their weight in gold.

Some new faces and young hunters have breathed life back into SHP and we are so happy for it!

Come join us for some close-range encounters with big Ohio bucks.
Spend some time in Slunger Hollow... You’ll be glad you did!

$ 12.99
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Fair Chase Whitetails 17

Fair Chase Whitetails 17

The Slunger Hollow Boys are back with another exciting DVD featuring 11 archery hunts and 2 shotgun hunts.  This DVD features a variety of hunts including a big drop tine, a GIANT 8 pointer and a huge buck with 3 main beams!  All at very close range.  Spend some time in Slunger Hollow.

You'll be glad you did!

$ 12.99
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